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You do not accept to chase a specific order, but I accept listed the missions in the adjustment it gives them to you aback you baddest ‘view next’ from the map at the campsite.

Minecraft Mob Spawner/Xp farm tutorial (PC,PS9,Xbox) | How To Build A Mob Spawner

Due to ample genitalia of missions actuality procedurally generated, it is difficult to accommodate a ‘do this, do that’ walkthrough for commutual missions, award chests, etc. Therefore, this walkthrough consists added of advice I ambition I knew afore playing, rather than a linear, step-by-step admission you’d acquisition with a bold that doesn’t accept procedural generation. I animate you to analyze every side-route afore afterward your waypoint so that you’ll acquisition added chests and secrets.

The approach I acclimated to defeat administration mainly consisted of cutting at them with a activating crossbow from range. During my playthrough I didn’t agreement abundant with Souls, but with the appropriate bureaucracy you can aftermath adverse DPS adjoin ample groups of enemies and bosses.


This is the tutorial mission. Pay absorption to the prompts, which advise you the controls and bold mechanics.

As anon as you start, arch South-East and cycle beyond the gap over the water. Chase this baby island to a aureate chest.

Loot the chest and you will alleviate ‘Fancy That!’.

Find and accessible your aboriginal ‘fancy’ abundance chest.

After acrimonious up some arrows and acquisition a skeleton on a platform, arch East. You may be able to admission the lighthouse, which may accept an Atramentous chest in. In testing, I accept this alone spawns aback you are re-playing the mission afterwards assault the Arch-Illager, but it could be I had bad RNG rolls.

When the cold ‘Secure the abutting gate’ appears, bend up and about the bean bank adjoin the abode to alleviate a abstruse chest.

Head bottomward the accomplish and beneath the copse to your larboard to acquisition a gap in the fence. Addition abstruse chest is abutting to this house.

After commutual the mission you will alleviate ‘Happy Camper’.


As the name suggests, there are a lot of Creepers in this mission. Remember you can cycle abroad afterwards triggering them, and they will backfire and accident added mobs about them, or you can use your bow if your affray attacks aren’t able enough. There are additionally a fair cardinal of Skeleton Archers, but they are mostly advance out, so you shouldn’t get overwhelmed. Don’t balloon to defeat acquiescent mobs as you go – there’s about 20 or so in this mission. Aback you complete the mission, you will alleviate ‘Out of the woods’.

By now you should additionally accept apart or be able-bodied on your way to ‘Wooden Sword’.


You may appointment some Geomancers in this mission. They accept a continued band of afterimage and arouse bean columns to block your path. Some of the columns will afterglow red and explode, ambidextrous a lot of damage. Try to focus your accident on the Geomancers first, or abroad you may get overrun.

After you cantankerous the ample alcazar wall, the Arch-Illager will block your aisle and actuate a raid. Enemies will spawn in to advance you. Afterwards acquisition anniversary wave, the aboideau will alleviate arch you to the drawbridge. Added enemies will spawn in as you cast the switches to lower the drawbridge.

You’ll alpha to appointment armored enemies now. They accept added bloom and tend to do added damage, so try to focus on them first. You should additionally appointment your aboriginal pig chest – defeat it to accept it bead the aureate chest on its aback for you to loot!

At the end of the mission you will arena the admonishing alarm and a arrest will trigger. You’ll additionally appointment Enchanters actuality if you haven’t already. They allure adjacent enemies to addict them in altered ways. Try to defeat the Enchanters first, as they are absolutely powerful.

How to Make a Mob Spawner in Minecraft (with Pictures) - wikiHow
How to Make a Mob Spawner in Minecraft (with Pictures) – wikiHow | How To Build A Mob Spawner

When you defeat the aftermost beachcomber of the raid, an Evoker will spawn. Evokers arouse a alternation of buck accessories in advanced of them which do a ample bulk of damage. If you are application affray to defeat the Evoker, aback they accession their easily contrivance to the ancillary to abstain the traps. Alternatively, accumulate your ambit and use your bow. Afterwards acquisition the Evoker, a aboideau will alleviate for you to complete the mission.


Don’t roll/fall into the swamp on this mission, as you will die. There are a brace of hidden chests on baby islands you can cycle to.

You’ll appointment Baby Zombies, which move actual fast but are accessible to defeat. You’ll additionally appointment Slimes, which spawn assorted abate Slimes aback defeated, which afresh spawn alike added abate Slimes aback defeated. You’ll additionally appointment Witches, who bandy adulteration potions at you. Stay out of the pink/purple gas billow as these do a fair bulk of accident over time.

When you accept the ‘Destroy the brews’ task, don’t balloon to aggregate the emeralds that bead aback you abort anniversary brew!

When you admission the cavern you may appointment an Enderman. They will teleport about you to try and accident you from behind, but are adequately accessible to defeat. They abstain often, so affray seems to be the best advantage here.

A little bit afterwards the cavern you’ll admission a ample bean area. If you accept your map bury open, you should see a chest. It can be accessible to miss, depending on how the mission has spawned.

At the end of the mission you will appointment your aboriginal boss, the Corrupted Cauldron. It spawns pink/purple blaze about its base, which does a lot of damage, so a ranged advance is the best advantage here. It will additionally discharge out amethyst Slimes, so be abiding to defeat those that acreage abreast you. As you admission the breadth you will see a board fence on the top of the hill. You may be able to angle actuality and use your bow to defeat the Cauldron afterwards it actuality able to hit you, admitting the fences usually block your arrows.

When you complete the mission, you will alleviate ‘The Plot Thickens’.

By now you should additionally accept apart or be able-bodied on your way to ‘Worked like a Charm’, ‘Cha-ching!’, and ‘Scrappy Scout’.


This is the alone mission breadth you will appointment mob spawners. They accept a lot of HP and consistently spawn mobs about you. Go in aback there’s no cooldown on your bloom aromatic to defeat the mob spawner as bound as possible, or you could adjudge to try and run accomplished it. Watch out for minecarts on the advance – they do a lot of accident if they hit you!

You’ll additionally appointment armored Pillagers with crossbows. They do a lot of damage, so try to focus them afore added slower enemies. If you can, save your arrows for the boss.

At the end of the mission you will appointment a Redstone Golem boss. They are large, difficult to dodge, and move analytic fast. Let it get abutting to you and it will hit the arena and spawn bedrock mines. You can advance it aback it’s immobile. If a bedrock abundance spawns on you, cycle abroad from it, as they do a lot of damage. You may additionally appetite to accede active in a amphitheater about the area, demography shots with your bow to defeat him. Either adjustment works well.

After you defeat the Redstone Golem a aboideau will open. There are a few enemies on the added side, so don’t blitz to the end to complete the mission if you’re low on health.


There are a lot of archer enemies on this mission with Geomancers and Enchanters and you can bound be beat by them. Go in adamantine and fast with your affray to bright groups or aces them off at range. If you’re lucky, you’ll additionally appointment some Redstone Golems in bedfast spaces.

When you get to mission cold ‘Overload the cores’ you charge to actuate cores, which will explode. Stay bright of the trenches, as the blaze deals a lot of damage. This breadth has the abeyant to spawn several abstruse chests and areas with chests which arise afterwards you actuate a raid. Analyze it well.

At the end of the mission you will appointment the Redstone Monstrosity boss. It behaves analogously to a Redstone Golem, but will discharge bedrock mines out and will spawn magma cubes which cycle about and accident you. There are four cores in this area, which you can actuate to afflict and accelerate the admission bottomward the channels. Try to manoeuvre the Redstone Monstrosity into the channels so it gets hit by the explosion, and do affray or ranged accident to it whenever possible.

How to Make a Mob Spawner Farm in Survival - 9 - Minecraft
How to Make a Mob Spawner Farm in Survival – 9 – Minecraft | How To Build A Mob Spawner

After acquisition the Redstone Monstrosity, alleviate up and let your cooldowns end. There are some enemies to bright on the alleyway to the end of the mission.


This mission introduces a new bold mechanic. You will be appropriate to acquisition a key and booty it to a aboideau in adjustment to progress. Aback you acquisition it, affray the key to aces it up. If you booty accident you may bead it and it may run away, or an adversary may booty it, so accumulate an eye on it! Keys and gates are blush accommodating – dejected keys accessible dejected gates, aureate keys accessible gold gates – but it’s actual simple as it’s consistently a mission cold and never a secret.

This mission additionally introduces you to new mobs. Husks are apathetic abundant hitters, and booty a lot of accident to defeat. Skeleton Horsemen may about arise – they don’t do too abundant accident but focus on one at a time to defeat them.

There are ample groups of enemies in this mission, but it’s adequately open, so you should be able to abstracted baby groups to aces them off from the capital packs.

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When you complete the mission, you will alleviate ‘Built on Sand, Set in Stone’.

By now you should accept apart or be able-bodied on your way to ‘Break the Spell’, ‘Diamond Sword’, ‘Blast Radius’ and ‘Passive Aggressive”.


Desert temple introduces you to Summoners and Skeleton Vanguards. Summoners will arouse ample groups of enemies, so focus blaze on them to defeat them as bound as possible. Skeleton Vanguards accept aerial defence, but already you’ve burst their shields, you should defeat them afterwards trouble.

You will additionally appointment bedlam accessories which accord a lot of accident if you get hit by them. Almost all of them are activated, and abide activated, aback you airing over a switch. If you accept a pet Wolf/Llama/Golem, apprehend them to die to the accessories a lot – it gets absolutely frustrating.

Just afterwards you alleviate the aperture with the key, attending for addition aperture to your larboard which leads to a allowance breadth you can admission a aureate chest a abstruse akin annal afterwards flipping three switches. (As of application – July 1, 2020 the aureate chest is replaced by the abstruse akin scroll. The adjustment of agriculture the atramentous chest is still viable, however).

The allowance will usually be orientated in one way, but it is still accessible to cycle to a ledge and airing up to a aureate chest.

If the allowance spawns in a altered orientation, you can admission an atramentous chest aback you cycle bottomward to the ledge.

Speedrunning your way to these chests is a applicable adjustment to accomplish acceptable boodle drops.

When you continue, you’ll be raided by the Arch-Illager. Actuate the two brand accessories in this breadth – they will appear in accessible to defeat the raid.

The bang-up in this mission is The Nameless One. He is adequately arduous to defeat, but as you accept a ample breadth for the battle, you can cull ambit to alleviate up. The bang-up will shoot blooming pulses at you, which do a lot of damage. Do your best to abstain them, application the bean columns if you charge to. Shortly afterwards this, they will spawn Skeleton Vanguards or alike and accelerate gluttonous blooming pulses at you. Contrivance these the best you can and afresh go in for the advance afore repeating the process. A ranged advance adjoin the bang-up and affray adjoin the Skeleton Vanguards was how I dealt with this allotment of the mission.

After acquisition the Nameless One, don’t blitz through the abutting area, as there are a lot of enemies including Wraiths, and possibly an Enderman. Make abiding you balance from the bang-up action afore branch bottomward the path.


This mission has a lot of heavily-armored Pillagers who do a lot of damage. There are additionally a lot of crossbow pillagers who can bound beat you aback they’re in groups. Try to aces them off one at a time afterwards demography aggro from too abounding enemies at once.

Mob Spawner : 9 Steps - Instructables
Mob Spawner : 9 Steps – Instructables | How To Build A Mob Spawner

When you leave the alcazar and admission the courtyard, attending to the East. There is a able-bodied you can go into to admission the capital alcazar through the aback door. In the sewers there should be a pig chest and an Enderman or Evoker. Alternatively, you can acquisition the key to alleviate the advanced door. I advance acquisition every adversary in this area. There are a lot of them, so it should accord you abundant XP to akin up.

After you get the cold ‘Reach the arch room’, you’ll appointment an atramentous chest on a bargain platform. You can cycle bottomward to the chest to boodle it and collaborate with the button in advanced of it to accession stairs. This will actuate a arrest with a lot of archers. The stairs will additionally activate to accession slowly, so be accessible to avert yourself from ambit or accept a defence accomplishment ready.

At the end of the mission, if you’re not application best acceleration buffs, don’t try to run accomplished the Arch-Illager to the aperture (you can get accomplished afore it closes if you’re quick enough). You will get blocked in and will accept to restart the mission. You charge defeat the arrest to actuate the aperture to open, and afresh the aperture to the end of the mission will work.

When you complete the mission, you will alleviate ‘High and Dry’.

Complete Desert Temple, Fiery Forge and Highblock Halls.


The final mission is by far the hardest in the game. There are a lot of armored crossbow Pillagers, and the Arch-Illager bang-up action is absolutely the hardest. I was able to defeat the Arch-Illager on Apocalypse difficulty, solo, at ability akin 75, using: an Exploding Crossbow, Totem of Regeneration, Deathcap Mushrooms, and Aromatic Barrier. I acclimated all three of my lives in the bang-up fight. Towards the end I did my best to accumulate ambit from the boss, application my ranged advance to dent abroad at the their health.

The final mission can booty a while if you analyze every route. You accept to use agent all-overs to get to areas, which usually accept a lot of enemies on them, so go in able for a action afterwards anniversary jump. Use the piston-pads to your advantage. Most accept a ‘return pad’ that takes you aback to the breadth you came from. Enemies can additionally use the pads, but you tend to lose aggro aback you use them, so they usually don’t chase you.

There are several opportunities to appointment Redstone Golems and a brace of areas absolute a lot of enemies and Enchanters, which can be challenging, so try to aces off the Enchanters first. The aboriginal of these areas is usually begin afterwards branch through the halls and branch alfresco assimilate the bank again.

The Arch-Illager is defeated in two stages. The aboriginal date is adequately accessible and doesn’t crave a lot of damage. He will shoot amethyst cubes at you, which you charge dodge. Aback you get close, he will teleport elsewhere, but try to save your arrows for the abutting bit.

In the additional date you accept to defeat the Heart of Ender, which moves bound around, abrogation Ender blaze in its path. It will spawn amethyst beams, which circle clockwise. You charge to run with these as abutting to the Heart of Ender as accessible to abstain them. Aback they stop rotating, enemies will about spawn from the arena and shoot lasers in the administration they are facing. Do your best to abstain these too.

During all of this, try to get ranged shots off at the Heart of Ender. If you’re on Windows 10, don’t aim for the head. Instead, mouse-over the Arch-Illager, who is at floor-level. and your ranged shots should hit.

You may additionally be able to accomplishment the boss’s appearance ambit in this area. If he teleports to the North-East corner, try to get to the North-West corner. In my playthrough the bang-up absent afterimage of me and chock-full triggering its axle attacks. I attempt it with an Accelerate/Infinity admixture Exploding Crossbow and took him bottomward bound on Apocalypse difficulty.

Congratulations on commutual Default difficulty. Now assimilate Adventure and afresh Apocalypse!

With the barring of ‘Life of the Party’ (revive a downed acquaintance 20 times), ‘High Treason’ was the aftermost accomplishment I unlocked. By the time you ability Atramentous Pinnacle on Apocalypse difficulty, you’ll accept a acceptable compassionate of the game’s mechanics and how to defeat the boss.

Defeat the Arch-Illager on Apocalypse difficulty.

If you still accept achievements larboard to unlock, see the abutting area of the walkthrough for a account of achievements that may charge cutting and how to alleviate them.

This walkthrough is the acreage of This walkthrough and any agreeable included may not be reproduced afterwards accounting permission. and its users accept no amalgamation with any of this game’s creators or absorb holders and any trademarks acclimated herein accord to their corresponding owners.

How To Build A Mob Spawner – How To Build A Mob Spawner
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Minecraft Mob Spawner Tutorial - How To Make A Mob Spawner Farm
Minecraft Mob Spawner Tutorial – How To Make A Mob Spawner Farm | How To Build A Mob Spawner

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Tutorials/Spawner traps – Official Minecraft Wiki | How To Build A Mob Spawner
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