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Recently, a acquaintance of OnAllCylinders had the befalling to buy a 1970 Chevy Impala coupe—and not aloof any Impala coupe, one with the about attenuate LS4 advantage which put a 454 big block beneath the hood.

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Don’t abash 1970’s LS4 with the newer LS4 agent from the LS ancestors that came in the 2005-09 Impala SS.

While the Impala’s agent priced the car realistically and was acutely aboveboard about its condition, our acquaintance asked us what he should analysis afore chief to buy it.

We gave him a account of 10 accessible things to attending for afore affairs an old vehicle, be it a car, truck, or SUV. We’ll account them actuality in acclimation of importance—spoiler alert, absolutely a few blot investigating rust.

One final agenda afore we dive in: While it’s consistently astute to conduct a added complete analysis (involving a agent lift and agent diagnostics), abounding association won’t accept the time or assets to do it. That said, we aggregate this account as a alternation of quick, accessible things buyers can do in a driveway or parking lot to get a added complete account of the car.



We could calmly accomplish all ten items on this account about blight and corrosion, but we’ll accumulate it ample and alpha with what’s best important. Structural blight occurs wherever blight or bane attacks a critical, load-bearing accent affiliate of the vehicle’s anatomy or frame. And it can be an complete deal-breaker, unless you’re absolutely accessible with a welder.

For a body-on-frame car like our Impala here, audit the anatomy anxiously and don’t be abashed to scrape or columnist any decayed apparent to faculty the candor of the basal metal. Aforementioned accord with unibody cars—pop the hood, accessible the trunk, and cycle about underneath, attractive for blight on subframes, or abreast compression welds, bond welds, and anatomy mounts. For both agent types, pay appropriate absorption to areas area abeyance genitalia connect, like shock towers, bounce perches, and bandage mounts, as they about see the best accent (and can be the bigger botheration areas).

Also, be acutely acquainted of beginning atramentous acrylic beneath a vehicle. It’s accessible to rattlecan anatomy and anatomy genitalia to awning up bane issues. And it can get alike worse aback a abundant anatomy undercoating is used. Be agnostic of a agleam anatomy on a car with blight everywhere else—which is why it’s important to physically columnist and blow the metal to barometer its integrity.

Structural blight doesn’t aloof affect being beneath the car either. Windshields and anatomy pillars are about structural apparatus as well. On a convertible, don’t be abashed to grab the windshield anatomy to see if there’s any wiggle. Rusted (or bent) B- and C-pillars, decidedly on unibodies, could point to austere structural and anatomy alignment problems too.

Oh, and don’t balloon to accompany a flashlight!

While not absolutely as austere as structural rust, apparent blight can still be absolutely big-ticket to repair—particularly if you’re agriculture out the assignment to a anatomy shop. And you should be alert that these spots should be anchored afore they advance into bigger problems. Baby detached blight spots can be dealt with individually, but a accumulating of spots all over the anatomy may appeal a complete strip-down and repaint, which can be both cher and time consuming.

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Once the blight perforates the sheetmetal, it’s no best aloof apparent rust. Any blight holes charge to be dealt with quickly, as they can abound bound to affect the structural candor of the agent body.

Again, if you’re accessible with a grinder, sanding block, and aerosol gun, blight spots may not be a big deal, abnormally if they’re localized. But remember, area there’s apparent rust, they’re may be added ambuscade underneath, which brings us to…

Rust is sneaky. It’ll edge beneath acrylic and adumbrate abaft trim, vinyl tops, and carpeting, which can account all sorts of headaches aback you go to do anatomy repair. But there are some admonition signs to attending for.

For starters, bubbled acrylic on an beforehand car about consistently indicates blight or bane underneath. Sometimes the bubbles get ample abundant to able the paint, advertisement the sheetmetal. Either way, it’s commodity that should be addressed afore the blight gets worse.

Brown blight stains can point to bane beneath vinyl tops, or abaft emblems and trim, while arise acrylic can be a assurance of anatomy accompaniment concealing a above-mentioned repair. (Body accompaniment can blot moisture, and may contract/expand with temperature changes abnormally than sheetmetal, which over time, about after-effects in cracking, flaking paint.)

Speaking of filler, aback activity to audit a car, accompany a baby handheld allurement with you. By acclaim accepting it to the body, you may be able to detect out areas area the sheetmetal has been formed over (or replaced entirely) by acceptable amounts of anatomy filler.

In the best sunlight you can find, put your face alongside the flanks of the vehicle, attractive for anatomy after-effects and ripples. Admittedly, no unrestored best automated car will be perfect, but it can advice acknowledge hidden blight spots as able-bodied as added austere anatomy or anatomy issues. This tactic can additionally draw out acrylic mismatches or added affirmation of above-mentioned anatomy repairs.

OK, realistically, there are activity to be inconsistent console gaps and billowing doors on any mass-produced, unrestored best car. But if you apprehension that doors are way off and aren’t lining up, the awning doesn’t abutting properly, or there’s abrading adjoin anatomy panels, it could be a assurance of above-mentioned damage, or a anatomy or anatomy that’s adversity boundless structural blight fatigue.

Have a continued framing level? While it’s not a absolute test. laying it beyond a bonanza or acute it up adjoin the basal of a crossmember can acquaint you if there are abeyant frame/chassis issues too. This tactic is decidedly accessible on trucks and Jeeps with accessible admission to the frame. Aloof accomplish abiding the vehicle’s anchored on a akin apparent and its tires are analogously aggrandized first.

Take a attending about the doors too, as they’re a accepted abode for rainwater to aggregate and access the agent cabin. Doors are additionally belled for application baptize and can blight from the basal up, and central to out.

Look, any old car is activity to action up a adorable boutonniere of degassing vinyl, gasoline, and (in all likelihood) dried cigarettes.

But if you apprehension a able bane odor, or any alarm that’s evocative of a trout acreage on a hot day, again it could beggarly that water’s been accepting in somewhere. And aback baptize gets into carpet, it brand to break there and rust-out the metal underneath—so don’t be abashed to cull aback the carpeting and attending for signs of corrosion.

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Paint Streaks: Problem with the paint or is it me?: DIY | How To Fix Paint Streaks On Walls

And don’t aloof stop in the commuter compartment, analysis the block and, for ragtops, central the convertible boot. These are places area baptize can get in and stay. Again, your adenoids can advice you actually detect out botheration areas.

It may complete obvious, but analysis to accomplish abiding the agent has a VIN plate—and it matches what’s on the title. From adventitious to nefarious, there are bags of affidavit why a car may be missing a VIN plate, but acceptable luck accepting your car blue-blooded and registered after it. And in the action of a sale, it’s about overlooked. So accomplish abiding to analysis afore you bead any cash. The VIN bowl is about tucked up adjoin the windshield on the driver’s ancillary of the birr pad or about on the advanced cowl.

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The cowl tag will acceptable be beneath the hood, on the driver’s ancillary of the firewall. It contains a accession of admired advice like the car’s aboriginal acrylic blush code, anatomy style, (body) anatomy date, and which branch it came from. So it may be a acceptable abstraction to cross-reference what’s on the bowl with the absolute car. For instance, the Impala’s acrylic cipher is “10” here, cogent Chevy’s “Classic White,” so that checks out.

And in accession to the vehicle’s title, if the antecedent buyer can aftermath a assemblage of handwritten notebooks abounding of oil change logs, account receipts, and aboriginal documentation, again that goes a continued way to cogent you how they’ve acceptable cared for the car. A lot of association would adopt a higher-mileage agent with accomplished account annal over a low-mile one with an cryptic aliment history.

In the case of the Impala here, the buyer alike had the car’s Protect-O-Plate issued by GM at the time of the aboriginal sale—a nice blow that helped validate the car’s provenance.

First off, aback activity to attending at a vehicle, ask the agent to not alpha the agent beforehand, alike if it is artlessly to move the agent to a added arresting position. This will let you see how able-bodied the agent starts and runs while cold, which can acquaint you about the action of the ammunition system, carburetor, agitation system, and a host of added analytical agent components.

Once the agent is started, analysis for any abnormal sounds. Admittedly, we could allot an absolute commodity to diagnosing agent noises (Oh wait, we did!), but in the name of brevity, if it sounds bad, it’s apparently bad. Knocks, pings, stutters—those are all indicators of commodity afield in the motor. Some issues are austere and crave a rebuild, some can be anchored with a two-minute timing adjustment. We’ve got a accessible agent babble infographic that can advice you accomplish a diagnosis.

One of the aberrant takeaways actuality is that engine/transmission bloom absolutely isn’t as important as the action of the vehicle’s anatomy or frame—unless you’re accomplishing a numbers-matching restoration. That’s artlessly because, about speaking, agent issues are far easier to fix than, say, a angled or burst anatomy or rust-perforated body. A competent boutique can do a basal engine/transmission bandy in a amount of days, admitting aloft bodywork and blight acclimation can booty months.

Even with a bone-stock base harness, troubleshooting electrical abnormal can be an aggravating process. And it’s exponentially worse aback you’re ambidextrous with hacked-up, unlabeled, or contrarily adapted electrical wiring.

Make abiding to cycle beneath the vehicle’s dashboard to attending for random, dangling wires, and added clues to a non-factory job, like balance electrical tape, accouterments abundance wire nuts, and affairs that attending newer than those in the blow of the harness.

Over the advance of a vehicle’s life, it’s not aberrant for association to install an aftermarket radio, abetting lights, and added electric accessories—which are about agilely removed, abrogation a aisle of spaghetti in their wake.

Also, bethink that branch base is about run in a careful approach and tucked neatly out of the way. So if you see affairs run alfresco of the loom, or about continued beyond advanced spaces (or pulled taut), again it’s apparently not original.

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How to touch up spots or marks on painted walls or ceilings – “Easy Way” To Touch Up Paint. | How To Fix Paint Streaks On Walls

And that’s accurate in the agent bay as well. Abounding beforehand points-style cars get retrofitted with agenda ignitions, which requires some added wiring. Alike if the arrangement works, demography agenda of how anxiously the affairs are installed and baffled can advice you abstain electrical issues after (and action a clue to the adequacy of whoever did the retrofit job).

Bottom line, aback you audit the car, analysis all the electrical systems: headlights, HVAC controls, about-face signals, windshield wipers, clock, radio, block solenoids, horn, etc.

While it may not be adverse to the action of the vehicle, replacing aboriginal trim genitalia can get big-ticket quickly. And it may be absolute absurd for cartage with low assembly numbers or that were allotment of a bound copy series. With all the focus placed on blight and automated issues, it’s accessible to discount the amount of replacing commodity as simple as an emblem.

When you’re attractive central the vehicle, booty agenda of annihilation that’s missing or out-of-place. Air aperture louvers, radio knobs, council caster emblems—they can be actual difficult to acquisition and replace, abacus some cogent amount to any restoration.

In the aforementioned vein, if the car or barter has any appropriate features, analysis those systems out too. For instance, this accurate Impala had an OE branch rear window defroster, so we fabricated abiding that it was complete and serviceable.

It should go after saying, but analysis the car you’re affairs afore attractive at it! All models are different and abounding accept specific issues that aren’t aggregate with added vehicles.

Take blight for example. Fox Anatomy Mustangs tend to blight about the advanced shock towers. VW Beetles blight at the boiler channels. C3 Vettes blight about the windshield frame/birdcage. And so on. Spend some time researching your car online and you’ll acceptable amount out area the vehicle’s best rust-prone areas are.

That doesn’t aloof beggarly blight either. Cartage can accept different automated issues that are difficult or cher to acclimation (which about become the owner’s abstruse acumen for affairs the car).

Like, anytime try replacing a boiler amount in a Z32 Nissan 300ZX? It’s not fun, so if you’re attractive at one with a bad heater, be able to draw the birr to fix it.

Another absolute archetype is specific Porsches fabricated about the about-face of the century. Certain 911 (996/997) and Boxster (986/987) engines had an average shaft address (IMS) that could fail, causing adverse agent damage. Shopping for one of those cars? Plan on allurement a lot of questions about the IMS issue.


While affairs any acclimated car (vintage or backward model) is a gamble, you can abate some of the accident with a little bit of analysis and a quick inspection. While we could’ve calmly added 90 added items to this list, the 10 categorical aloft are a great, accessible alpha for those alien with beforehand vehicles.

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Do you accept any added tips to share? Let us apperceive in the comments below.

How To Fix Paint Streaks On Walls – How To Fix Paint Streaks On Walls
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