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How To Make A Butcher Block Desk Top. (i chose to not oil the bottom side of the desk since it was never going to be seen.) step 2: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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After checking to make sure the two halves of the desk would sit flush, tightening down the pipes where i needed to to make it level, i painted them a dark, flat grey. After that ideas for make a butcher block desk, measure and cut wood trim to cover the edge of the block.

Allow to dry over 24 hours. Also, building a butcher block work table will ensure that it will withstand a lot of hard work and rough use.

How To Make A Butcher Block Desk Top

Apply next coat if desired, etc.Are you feeling inspired to create your own butcher block table?At this point, the desk is ready to be put together, but i still needed something to put my computer tower on.Attach trim with construction adhesive.

But this time i wanted the replacement to last for years.Carefully measure that each of them are in the exact spot.Check out our blog, “making butcher block:Choose your wood species and finish.

Cut materials to butcher block style.Diy butcher block counter butcher block top butcher block countertops.Fine craftsman style,” to learn about how we make our butcher blocks.Give me some feedback if this is incorrect.

Hammer finish nails every eight inches firmly secure trim.He also used a few screws and attached the butcher block to the drawer unit from underneath to keep it from slipping.Here’s a step by step guide to a diy butcher block desk:How to build a bucher block table top.

How to build a desk with butcher block learn how to use hardwood reflections butcher block to make a desk in under an hour.I also made my own butcher block.I finally decided on a butcher block island top.I got them for $2 to $5 a piece at a reuse center.

I hope it will look beautiful and last for years to come.I made mine exactly like you did, gluing and clamping a few at a.I spent a lot of time researching a family friendly table top.In the meantime, i purchased some oak butchers block from ikea to use as a top for a desk area.

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It’s done in just 5 steps —.It’s important to seal the surface of the butcher block completely (top, bottom and sides) to prevent bowing/warping from moisture absorption (i.Lay the top side facing down and measure where you want to place the 4 legs.Mine is a 24″ piece to the left of my stove, then to the right, it’s 14′ 5″.

Mine is maple, made of odd, mostly 2″ or so sticks, anywhere from 8 to 12′ long.Most desks are 6’x2.5’ (72”x30”) but choose the size that works best for you up to 39 inches wide without having to join two pieces of butcher block!Next up, because i wanted a butcher block look to my desk, i went in an marked and taped up (again to avoid tear out) a bunch of additional areas that i wanted to cut further.Once production has started this cannot be cancelled.

Or do you want to build your own from pieces of wood?Our real wood tops are handcrafted in hardwood made from wisconsin maple trees.Patch nails holes with wood putty.Place it on top of the cabinets in a zigzag pattern.

Plan & measure your space.Please note that all butcher block top vertdesk v3 desks are made to order and cannot be returned.Poly (or any varnish) will enhance the color natural/raw wood, as you can see below with the bottom side of the desk.So the butcher block is resting on that “lip” and the two drawer units on each side.

So, i cut a 11 piece out of the remaining piece of butcher block.Spread construction adhesive to the top filing cabinets.Start by thinking about what wood you want to use for the tabletop.The butcher block was about $370, tung oil $10 and new orbital sander was $20.

The first place to start is by creating the tabletop.The fittings and pipe create the frame while the butcher block table top is used to create the desk platform.The flange fittings are used to support and attach the table top to the frame.The instructions state it has been oiled 1x before it left the factory and to apply numerous additional coats if using it as a countertop.

The triangular leg shown in the main picture gives plenty of joint surface for a good attachment, but go with what you prefer.The tricky part about this desk top was we needed to make a cutout in the middle of the desk.Then begin by milling the boards flat and to thickness.Use a track saw, or similar to break down your standard butcher block counter top into main desk top, and any legs (as required).

Using the 2x4s, cut each of the 10 foot lengths into 30 inch pieces for the legs.Walnut, ash, and beech are all commonly used for tabletops, although properly dried beech is often difficult to obtain.We simply made a butcher block to the width, length, and thickness that was needed.While, the two socket cross and 90° side outlet help to create the frame and corners.

With it’s impressive edge and finish, the butcher block vertdesk v3 takes this series to the next level.You can’t see it in the picture, but cy took a 6 foot 2×4 and drilled it into the studs of the wall at the height that we wanted the desk.

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