How To Measure Windows For Blinds Without Measuring Tape 2021

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How To Measure Windows For Blinds Without Measuring Tape. (windows, new or old, are not always even.) take the smallest of the three measurements to make sure your blinds. A major decision that needs to be made before you start to measure your windows is whether you want to mount your.

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Add at least 5cm to this measurement (to block out any light appearing around the fabric) and this will tell you the length of your blind/blinds. Again, using a metal measure, measure across the window width, adding 10cm to the total width to allow a 5cm overlap either side of the window so you can block out light.

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Always measure at the depth within the window frame where you’ll install your brackets. As windows don’t tend to be a standard size, neither are blinds.

How To Measure Windows For Blinds Without Measuring Tape

Document dimensions as size x elevation.Factory will deduct ½” from your.For blinds that are not fully recessed the sides of the slats, mounting brackets and valance will be visible.For instance, if you would like your mini blinds to reach close to the floor, ensure your measuring tape extends near your hardwood, tile or carpet.

For outside mount roman shades, start by measuring the width (outer edge of the trim from left to right).For shorter windows any old pocket will do for taking these measurements.For vertical blinds, we recommend you reduce the length by 1cm to prevent the fabric from catching on the sill.For windows with a protruding sill, start at the frame and extend 3″ above the top.

For windows without trim, add 2″ to 3″ on each side.For windows without trim, measure 2″ below and 3″ above.If you are hanging your object on the inside of the window, measure the inside width at the top, middle, and bottom points of the window opening.If you have further questions, our friendly customer service team are available over the phone on 1300 011 561, email at, or live chat.

If your windows are less than 3 3/8” deep your blinds will project away from the window.If your windows are less than the minimum flush mount depths your blinds will project away from the window.If your windows don’t have trims, add four inches on the sides of your windows.In three different places, measure the exact height from top edge of opening to the top of sill.

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It is a rule that you must never round up the inside measurement as that would cause the blinds do not fit in the window.It’s incredibly easy to measure your windows for blinds, curtains, shutters & awnings.below you can find animated video guides as well as easy text & picture instructions.Keep in mind that you shouldn’t install vertical blinds on window trims.Make sure the tape measure stays perfectly vertical or else your measurement won’t be accurate.

Measure from the line at the base of your wrist to the tip of your middle finger.Measure in 3 places for both width and drop, please provide us with the smallest measurement.Measure the drop from window edge at the top to the bottom of the window or floor.Measure the height needed to fit your vertical blinds from the bottom going up.

Measure the inside width in three places top, center and bottom.Measure the inside width in three places top, center and bottom.Measure the length from the top to the window sill in three different places, from left to right.Measure the width from window edge on the left to the window edge on the right at the top of the window.

Measure the widths between these additions in a straight line.Measure width from left to right at the top, middle and bottom of the rectangular portion of your window opening.Measuring windows without a recess use a metal tape measure for accuracy, and measure in millimetres.Measuring windows without a recess.

Next, measure the height of the window from the top of where you will install the headrail to the bottom of the sill.Record the smallest of the three measurements to the nearest ⅛”.Start the tape measure against your floor and extend it up toward the tallest point of your window or the trim around it.Subtract 1 ⁄ 2 in (1.3 cm) from the distance between the window top and floor for vertical blinds.

Supply us with the shortest of these three measurements rounded down to the nearest 1/8”.Take the smallest length into consideration, while the manufacturer will deduct a small amount to accommodate for the hardware.There should be a small measurement on the tape measure, which you should add to the total.This is helpful for measuring larger surfaces you touch with your hands, like tables and cushions.

This is the industry criterion for all window blinds and also tones.This is the measurement you need to take if you want to fit the blind inside the window recess.Though not the longest, this finger is handiest because it’s on the outside of your hand and has a clear start and end, unlike thumbs.To get an accurate measurement, rest the edge of the metal tape measure dispenser against the edge of the windowsill or area to be measured.

To measure for blind length, take the same approach using the metal tape measure from the top of the recess to the windowsill at 3 points and note the narrowest point.Try to be as accurate as possible.Use metal tape measure, take all your measurements in millimetres (mm).We recommend if you are wanting roller blinds to add a further 5cm to allow room for the operating mechanism.

We will do that for you to ensure your blind fits perfectly.Windows without sills can be measured to the desired point of reach.You shouldn’t have to bend the steel tape at all to get a proper measurement.You will not take any measurements from the angled portion for this step.

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