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Summary of Movie Helios (2015)

Wanted criminal “Helios” and his assistant stole a quantity of uranium and plan to produce weapons of mass destruction. They are planning to trade with a terrorist organization in Hong Kong. Chief Inspector Lee Yinming and Inspector Fan Kaming lead the Counter Terrorism Response Unit of the Hong Kong Police Force. Along with a Chinese senior official, a physics professor, and two South Korean weapon experts, they hope to defuse a crisis sufficient to destroy the world.

Genre and Actors of Movie Helios (2015)

Actors : Chen Chang, Si Won Choi, Nick Cheung, Jin-hee Ji

Genres: Action, Crime, Fantasy, Thriller

Details of Film Helios (2015)

Vote : 32

Duration : 118 minutes

Writer : Dean Kole, Lok Man Leung (screenplay), Kim-Ching Luk (screenplay), Robert Stein

Director : Lok Man Leung, Lok Man Leung, Kim-Ching Luk, Kim-Ching Luk

Release Date : 2015-04-30

Trailer of Film Helios (2015)

Poster of Movie Helios (2015)

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