Review Film Liza, the Fox-Fairy (2015)

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Summary of Movie Liza, the Fox-Fairy (2015)

Liza’s a nurse, seeking love. Her only company is a long-dead Japanese pop star, who turns her into a fox-fairy out of jealousy. Now, every men who desires Liza shall die horribly. Can she overcome the curse?

Genre and Actors of Film Liza, the Fox-Fairy (2015)

Actors : Mónika Balsai, Szabolcs Bede Fazekas, David Sakurai, Zoltán Schmied

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Details of Film Liza, the Fox-Fairy (2015)

Vote : 55

Duration : 98 minutes

Writer : Bálint Hegedûs, Károly Ujj Mészáros

Director : Károly Ujj Mészáros

Release Date : 2015-02-19

Trailer of Film Liza, the Fox-Fairy (2015)

Poster of Film Liza, the Fox-Fairy (2015)

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