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Summary of Film Mimic (1997)

A disease carried by common cockroaches is killing Manhattan children. In an effort to stop the epidemic an entomologist, Susan Tyler, creates a mutant breed of insect that secretes a fluid to kill the roaches. This mutant breed was engineered to die after one generation, but three years later Susan finds out that the species has survived and evolved into a large, gruesome monster that can mimic human form.

Genre and Actors of Film Mimic (1997)

Actors: Mira Sorvino, Jeremy Northam, Alexander Goodwin, Giancarlo Giannini

Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi

Details of Film Mimic (1997)

Vote : 686

Duration : 105 minutes

Writer : Donald A. Wollheim (short story “Mimic”), Matthew Robbins (screen story), Guillermo del Toro (screen story), Matthew Robbins (screenplay), Guillermo del Toro (screenplay)

Director : Guillermo del Toro

Trailer of Film Mimic (1997)

Poster of Movie Mimic (1997)

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