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Summary of Film The Innocents (2015)

19th century Argentina. After having had to leave the country fifteen years ago, prodigal son Rodrigo finally returns to the family farm in Mercedaria to introduce his wife Bianca to his parents. He’s not really looking forward to this family reunion. His youth was spent working with the slaves on the farm who were treated without mercy by his parents. His father regularly abused the female slaves, while his mother even burned one alive to save the family honor. It’s time for some ghostly revenge and this happens to coincide with Rodrigo’s return.

Genre and Actors of Film The Innocents (2015)

Actors : María Eugenia Arboleda, Lito Cruz, Stella Delphino, Ludovico Di Santo

Genres: Horror

Details of Film The Innocents (2015)

Vote : 10

Duration : 90 minutes

Writer : Mauricio Brunetti, Natacha Caravia, Andrés Gelós

Director : Mauricio Brunetti

Release Date : 2015-04-09

Trailer of Movie The Innocents (2015)

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Poster of Movie The Innocents (2015)

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