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Sim Not Supported Iphone 6. sim not valid : After about ten to fifteen seconds turn the mode off and see if the sim card is getting detected.

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An iphone usually says a sim is not supported because your iphone is locked to your carrier. An unlocked iphone will say no sim restrictions.

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Attempting to unlock an iphone 6 (sim not supported) options. Before we go ahead and look for other troubleshooting tips, i would suggest you verify whether or not this is the case.

Sim Not Supported Iphone 6

Go to settings > general and tap about.Go to settings > general, and tap about.Hello, i have
a at&t iphone 6s that i unlocked online and was approved.I can’t complete the last few steps on that post as when i enter a different sim.

I contacted my provider in nz and they confirmed without any doubt that the phone has been unlocked.I had assumed that since it was from the apple store that it would be unlocked, but i guess i’m wrong.I have an iphone 6s plus.I have just moved from nz to sweden.

I have restarted it, updated it, plugged it into itunes, etc.If itunes says that the sim card isn’t compatible instead, then you can try using recovery mode and restore your iphone.If you can’t see that message, contact your network provider.If your device is on ios 13 or earlier, use these steps:

If your device is on ios 13 or earlier,.If “set up as new” or “restore from backup” show then itunes activated your iphone and iphone sim not supported bypass is completed successfully.Iphone 6 plus reporting sim not supported while us.It continues to say sim not valid.

Locate and tap carrier lock.Now head back and tap on bundle menu and select your carrier that you are locked to.Now head over to sim id and select your sim id, if not sure just select the first one.One of the most common reasons behind the ‘sim not supported’ error on your iphone is that it is locked by the carrier.

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One of the reasons why is sim not supported on iphone is when the card itself is damaged.Open itunes on your computer and connect your iphone.Please insert another sim but my sim is valid and worked well with this iphone before updating.Please insert the sim card that came with your iphone or visit a supported carrier store. if you see this message on your device with ios 14, use these steps:

Please insert the sim card that came with your iphone or visit a supported network provider’s shop. if you see this message on your device with ios 14, follow these steps:Restore iphone to factory settings.Sim card that you currently have installed in this iphone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server.Sim not supported on iphone 6 from apple store.

Sim not valid message will ever appear on your iphone screen again and you are in situation in which you can use all sim cards that you want!So in this video you will see that how you can fix sim not supported error on an iphone while activating the phone or using any other sim card.So open the remover on your desktop, then connect your locked iphone device whit your computer via usb cable, once the remover recognize your device just hit the unlock button!So, if you damaged your sim card while installing it, your iphone might not be able to read your iphone sim card.

The latest iphones take a nano sim card.The sim card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported.These cards are very small and very easily get damaged.This is an easy and simple remedy.

This is not a hardware issue with the i phone, please insert.This is not a hardware issue with the iphone.This means you can’t insert a sim card from a different carrier if you switch.This phone that came from the apple store was a replacement for a broken iphone that was locked to rogers.

To do so, tap general in the settings app.Turn off apple devices for 5 minutes.Turn on airplane mode and turn it off.Under carrier lock, you should see a message that says no sim restrictions. if you don’t see that message, contact your carrier.

Under network provider lock, you should see a no sim restrictions message.Visit control center and tap on airplane icon.We will go through some important due to which you see the message sim not supported on your iphone device.When putting a swedish sim card in my phone, it says sim not valid.

Why iphone shows sim not supported error?Why is my iphone sim not supported?Wrong placement in the sim card trayYou will have to unlock your iphone device if you wish to use your locked iphone on a different carrier.

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