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Summary of Film Mucize (2015)

1960s Turkey countryside. A newly assigned teacher finds out that the solitary village is missing a school. He gets fond of the village people and especially a disabled man. The teacher helps the village to build a new school and educate the children and the disabled man.

Genre and Actors of Movie Mucize (2015)

Actors : Mahsun Kirmizigül, Senay Gürler, Ali Sürmeli, Büsra Pekin

Genres: Drama, Romance

Details of Movie Mucize (2015)

Vote : 63

Duration : 136 minutes

Writer : Mahsun Kirmizigül

Director : Mahsun Kirmizigül

Release Date : 2015-01-01

Trailer of Movie Mucize (2015)

Poster of Movie Mucize (2015)

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